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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: the pentagon community has pledged never to forget the 184 lives lost here on september 11th. >> they were our colleagues. they were our friends. they were our family. >> reporter: throughout history the united states had emerged from tragedy even stronger. the pentagon may be scarred, but it's resilient. >> the building stands for all of us as a symbol of strength and community. all of us remember where we were on that morning. >> reporter: and to those who lost their lives on september 11th or the days since, the defense secretary said there is no memorial grand enough, no tribute great enough to honor those who sacrificed so much for so many. reporting live from the pentagon andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> andrea, thanks for that report. as the 184 people killed at the pentagon september 11th, 55 were military personnel, 70
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other civilians, another 106 passengers and crew members. thousands gathered at new york's ground zero to reflect on the loss that lingers. this was the scene this morning at the 9/11 world trade center memorial. family and friends remembering those etched in the memorial. bells tolled. there were moments of silence and the names of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed were read during the ceremony. prayer services are planned tonight all across communities in new jersey, new york and connecticut. and in shanksville, pennsylvania, hundreds honored the passengers and crew who fought back against the terrorists and brought down united flight 93. secretary of homeland security jay johnson spoke at this morning's observance at the new visitors center overlooking the crash site. flight 93 was headed from newark, new jersey to san francisco on that fateful day when it was hijacked by a passenger revolt and many
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people believe that plane was headed for the capitol. 33 passengers and seven crew members were killed. to see more of today's 9/11 observances and to hear from president obama's speech at ft. meade commemorating the tragedy, download our wusa9 app. shots fired, upheaval ensues at d.c. union station today when a security guard takes down a knife wielding suspect in the attack. >> reporter: i'm russ ptacek at union station. this is the police line set up shortly after that shooting at 12:45 today as passengers fled from that area and onto the streets describing a chaotic scene inside and outside. police responded from multiple agencies, guns in their hands to an unknown situation. >> we manage victoria secret and so we were working with customers and we hear a shot
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and one young lady who was in the front, she grabbed the customers that were in the front and ran them to a secure location of. >> reporter: those horrible fears that this may have been a 9/11 attack were quickly a layed as police determined it was a domestic situation and the suspect had been shot. police say it didn't happen inside union station but beyond this area at a corner there, an entrance to a skywalk leading to the securities exchange commission. at union station, russ ptacek, wusa9. tonight some disturbing video out of hungary has sparked an investigation into the way that country is treating migrants from the middle east and africa. this cell phone video appears to show hungarian police chucking sandwiches into a crowd of migrants at a refugee camp forcing them to fight over the food. those pictures are in sharp contrast to the video provided by the hungarian government
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showing police distributing food to migrants in an orderly fashion. mean while volunteers and aid workers have helped to pick up the slack providing hot meals, clean clothes and a warm welcome, but they say the numbers are just overwhelming. >> the last three days you've had 10,000 through this border through just this one point. that says it all. >> to make matters worse, austria has announced that it is temporarily suspending cross border train service from hungary. if you got some grass to cut, gardening to do, topper says get it done early. >> that's right. he's calling for a yellow weather alert tomorrow. topper joins us now with the first alert forecast. >> hard to believe we're going downhill so fast after a beautiful friday, but we will. 9:00 in the morning upper 60s, low 70s, but showers already out to martinsburg, frederick and luray. by noon we have showers throughout much of the metro
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area even over into byrd stadium and look at the yellows and orange and bit of red. there's just enough instability to produce some thunderstorms tomorrow, could have some gusty wind and heavy downpours. by noon we're 78 downtown and mid-70s in the burbs. that line rolls through. by 3:00 it's just into prince george's county, but the heavy activity across the bay into the delmarva. then we have another line of storms from hagerstown to martinsburg and winchester and very activity on the legend in red, two rounds of showers and storms tomorrow. we get to the 6 p.m. hour. these guys kind of lose their punch, but it's still going to be wet. trying to have a birthday party, cook you. , going to be tough. we will dry out saturday night with temperatures -- cookout, going to be tough. we will dry out saturday night with temperatures falling quickly. winds out of the southeast at 10. the nevada supreme court rejected o.j.
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simpson's latest appeal for a new trial. back in 2008 he was found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery in an incident involving sports memorabilia dealers. simpson's lawyers argued that his trial attorney back then mishandled the case and had all kind of conflicts of interest, but the court said it saw no reason to give simpson a new trial. simpson is eligible for parole in twoees. investigators are at the scene of -- two years. investigators are at the scene of a mosque after a train crashed with deadly results. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is asked if he will
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as many as 90 people were killed when a train collapsed in the grand mosque in the holy city of mecca. mecca is islam's holiest site. pilgrims from around the world have converged on the city and the mosque for the annual pilgrimage which takes place this month. we're just two weeks away from pope francis' visit to d.c. hopefully you know this already because thousands of people around the country are hitting the road just to come here. >> that's right. the national bus tour nuns on the bus made its way to st. louis leading up to the upon tiff's historical visit to the u.s. more than -- the pontiff's historical visit to the u.s.
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more than a dozen nuns are taking place in the tour. they plan to share stories of people with personal hardship with lawmakers on capitol hill. here are some new emojis to consider if you're excited about the pope's new visit, featuring man marks from all the cities that -- landmarks from all the cities that he'll visit designed by the global catholic networks #goodiswinningcampaign. for complete coverage of the pope's visit to d.c., download our new wusa9 app. you'll get a complete schedule and tickets and a sneak peek at the popemobile, a white jeep wrangler. he's going to be riding around the mall in that in d.c. it's not like he's going to be in the neighborhood. >> no. it's going to be around the ellipse. if you want to see him, you've got to get there early. three members of the hillsboro, missouri school board resigned amid an ongoing
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debate over a transgender student. now the resignations follow several protests that have taken place regarding senior leila perry, a transgender student who wants to use the girls locker room during gym class. >> i gave a letter of recognition that i resign immediately and a signature. dan mccarthy also had listed that there were some philosophical differences, but he didn't list what they were. >> perry was born a male but says she has identified as a female since age 13. the high school was allowing her to use the girls facilities after the state school board association intervened. before you make weekend plans, you'll want to hear topper's forecast. he's up in about five minutes. >> but first new poll numbers suggest growing
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in tonight's campaign 2016 report we've learned that former texas governor rick perry is dropping out of the republican presidential race, plus newly released recordings reveal that donald trump has a timeline to deport illegal immigrants. >> and promising poll numbers could help vice president joe biden decide if he will run.
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weigia jiang has it all. >> reporter: donald trump has made immigration the key issue in his run for president, but he's been vague about a plan at least in public. on friday parts of a conference call where trump discusses a solution with the alabama state gop were leak online. >> we have to get them -- leaked online. >> we have to get in. out and if we -- get them out and if we have wonderful cases, we can get them back in but we have to get them back in legally. i think it's a process that can take 18 months to two years if properly handled. >> reporter: trump will sit center stage during a republican debate next week. cnn invited the top 11 candidates based on an average of six national pops. while the republican field is crowded -- polls. while the republican field is crowded, democrats barely have a handful of candidates and the main hopeful still can't commit. during an emotional interview on the late show with stephen colbert vice president joe biden said he doesn't know if he's prepared to run for president.
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>> i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> reporter: in a national survey of democratic voters he has jumped six points in the last month stealing support from hillary clinton who has dropped 10. bernie sanders held steady at 27%. weigia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> on the republican side of the ballot trump tops the latest poll of republican voters in iowa with ben carson jumping into second place followed by ted cruz. it's been 14 years since 9/11, but former vice president dick cheney says the situation in the middle east is now more perilous than it was in 2001. cheney and his daughter liz are harsh critics of president obama, no surprise there. they believe his administration is miss handling the post war iraq and -- mishandling the post war iraq and that's responsible for the rise of isis. >> i think the threat is so great by isis that your objective has to be to
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eliminate it. if you state as your objective that we've got to get rid of isis, we have to defeat them, then you do what you have to do to defeat them. >> you can catch the full interview on capital download sunday morning 8:30 right after our morning newscast. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> you're tracking that 3- degree guarantee and got a little tip for folks if they got a honey do list tomorrow. >> early. >> get it done. >> we got back on the horse, fell off yesterday as you know. our 3-degree guarantee today, we thought 85 might be warm enough. it's a very dry air mass. they heat up quickl it's going to be really close. we'll tell you tonight at 11:00. >> it's 85 now, topper. >> i know. that's good, but it's been warmer earlier. that's the problem. in fact, we'll have a live look outside, michael and son weather cam, it is 85, dew point in the 50s, comfortable
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and 32% humidity. that is pretty darn comfortable for this time of year and this part of the country, wind northwesterly at 8. weather headlines dry tonight but rather cool. if you're out late, i recommend a sweater, temperatures in the 60s well before midnight and eventually in the 50s if you're out crazy late. get outdoor chores done early tomorrow. if you're along i-81, you'll have showers by the time you get up and by the time it's legal to do outdoor chores with emergency. storms possible for the terps -- machinery. storms possible for the terps game and still possible for the game at fedex. kickoff 1:00 here on wusa9. partly sunny, breezy, cool, some showers, temperatures between 70 and 75, mix of sun and clouds, a little unstable in terms of the atmosphere bu not that much moisture is the good thing. so tonight 10:00 we're already 66 in gaithersburg, 65 in frederick, 67 in manassas and
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bowie and 65 also in damascus, even la plata 68, so temps fall really quickly. by 7:00 in the morning clouds rolling in, temps in the 50s in some spots, 58 in frederick. showers already popping winchester down toward luray albeit on the light side, but watch these showers south of fredericksburg. they blossom and move up. by 11:30 we've got showers in fairfax and leesburg and manassas and all the way down to fredericksburg and culpeper. you see the orange here and yellow, some of them are fairly heavy. there's just enough instability to get some pretty good storms tomorrow, wind and maybe some small hail. that rolls away by 5:00. then we have a second line trying to develop on futurecast. you even see red around the river at 5:00. that has to roll through before we get the drier air in here. drier air moves in quickly. we'll take you into sunday 12:30 before kickoff time we are in the 60s, dry, most of the showers for the time being
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in the mountains, but i think as we go through the afternoon a couple showers possible in that west, northwest flow, rather breezy sunday which could affect the game. tonight clear early, then partly cloudy late, rather cool, 58 to 68, winds southeast light at 10. day planner shower possible as early as 10:00 and by 11:00, upper 70s. sunday upper 70s, breezy, monday beautiful. mid-80s on tuesday and wednesday and look at. this wednesday, thursday, friday mid- to upper 80s, low humidity, perfect sunshine and nats back in town thursday and friday. new information from the burgundy and gold, right? >> robert griffin is back. we found out earlier today. some fans happy, some fans not, but we'll see if he's going to suit up on sunday, 48 hours before game time quarterback gods sending washington a gift
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all wrapped up in burgundy and gold. robert griffin returns to the fray. he's in the fray, but will he play? >> he's not
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> the last 21 days people have debated whether robert griffin actually had a concussion. i don't want to go there. head injuries are serious
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stuff. jordan reed had head injury symptoms for two months. good news, griffin got clearance this morning. will he be on the roster understand is? we won't know until about 11:30 -- sunday? we won't know until about 11:30 a.m. sunday. jon gruden said griffin has been a professional throughout this whole ordeal. >> he's responded well. i'm sure he's frustrated a little bit, but we haven't been able to see it. he's in meetings. he's still asking questions and doing everything he's asked to do out there and when he's out there in teamwork, he's throwing the ball good. i haven't seen an issue yet. i haven't readl althe twitter reports, but he's been fine here. >> meant to say jay gruden. that was the only 1,000th time i messed that up. we are excited to announce starting sunday we will air a
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special edition of game on airing everything burgundy and gold before their showdown with miami starting at 11:30 right before nfl today. can't have a patriots game without controversy, right? during last night's 28-21 win sideline headsets malfunction. steelers coaches say they couldn't hear each other. instead they heard patriots game broadcasts. new england said theirs malfunctioned, too. mike tomlin, never one to mince words, said nothing new when it comes to weird occurrences in foxboro. >> that's always the case. >> reporter: here? >> yes. >> reporter: you're saying that every time you play here you have radio problems? >> i said what i said. >> reporter: mike, what exactly happened? you didn't have any communication? >> we were listening to the patriots radio broadcast for a majority of the 1st half on our head sets. >> reporter: coach to coach or coach to catiouses? >> coach to coach. >> love mike tomlin.
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steelers won't file a formal complaint. let's move on. to be a television executive at espn these days. they're sitting back thinking serena in the finals going for a calendar slam ratings gold. what do you do now? cue up highlights of that serena/venus quarterfinal maybe? let's take a look at when happened today. -- what happened today. all right. so here's what happened. you know serena won the 1st set. then she lost the last two and this is really one of the great interviews that we're seeing. it's all over the internet, roberta vinci talking to reporters. they asked her hey, did you expect to win? she said no. in fact, she made flight arrangements to go back to italy tomorrow. she knew she was not going to win. so no serena slam for serena williams. >> i bet she has to find a room. >> well, she's got to play in the final tomorrow.
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>> serena is still a champion. she is still the bomb. she is still the best. that's it for us. bye. ♪
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>> axelrod: ben carson, surging in the polls and calling out protesters in ferguson, missouri. >> reporter: you think there's an undercurrent of bullying in black lives matter? >> sure, absolutely. >> axelrod: also tonight, major news on treating high blood pressure. just-released video shows police taking down a former tennis star in a case of mistaken identity. a shocker at the u.s. open. no grand slam for serena. >> today is my day. sorry, guys. >> axelrod: and steve hartman discovers the fountain of youth in a candy store. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. scott's off. i'm jim axelrod. on this 14th anniversary of 9/11, americans once again relied on the


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